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Week 20: Then There Were Butterflies


Part of selling my work online is taking custom requests. In this case, a good customer asked for a whole pile of different coloured butterfly canes. I had been procrastinating on making more – big project making them – but used this request as motivation to Get On It. And that lead to a weekend of butterfly making. You can see some of the process in my Instagram stream. And the canes will be available over in my Etsy shop pretty quickly.

Other customers had different requests and that lead to zinnias and mums and roses. So it was definitely the week of canes.

Week 19: Show Prep


At the end of May every year I have the Lilac Festival in Calgary. The weather is usually mild or downright warm by that point and it’s a HUGE show. My folks are my boothies for the day and we do our visiting while selling goodies. This means I spend the months leading up to it topping up my stock. The bouquet of flower necklaces above are a collaboration between my daughter and I.


The simpler piece on leather and wire above is some fun bead digging. Over the years I have accumulated scads of random beads. A big pile of little stone and glass beads makes up a few boxes of my stash and I promised myself I would use up a substantial portion of those this year that so that I could hit another bead show and buy more next year. I try to control my bead hoarding, really.


And a customer ordered a series of pillow beads with southwest colours in a slightly larger than my normal size. So that’s these guys which are winging their way to the Bead and Button show with my customer. One day, I tell myself, I will go to the Bead and Button Show. Until then I’m happy to send beads that way.

Week 18: Flower Pile


Like a lot of the weeks I made… flower beads! And, really, that’s pretty much my job. There are a couple orders on my bench for butterfly canes and more complex beads but they weren’t at the Ready to Photograph stage yet so they’ll get done up in week 19 along with the new jewellery. Which I put… somewhere. I love having a great big space to work in but it also means it is a great big space to put teeny tiny things in and then promptly forget where I put the teeny tiny things.