Author: Elaine

Caturday: Cats and Renos

We’re currently in the second weekend of doing a kitchen renovation. Last week there was a mix of old cabinets and new pieces in my kitchen and the cats were a little confused and stressed out. They dutifully took advantage of the situation though.The braver of our cats wore herself out climbing in and out of every box, shelf, wrapping paper, and nook. Chasing every dropped screw and discovered toy. Slinking into every uncovered vent and duct she could find. Good thing cats have a few extra lives and a lot of luck.

After a cursory inspection, the less brave of our cats went back to the quiet bedroom and hid.

Week 12: Forget Me Nots

My weeks are running a little behind because my whole world is. Our planned kitchen renovations got moved up a little early and as a result my whole schedule is a little iffy. That said, I’m still cranking out the clay… it’s just the related actions like photographing and blogging in a timely manner that have gone to hell.

Forget-me-nots are such pretty flowers and I made a few extra large, flat ones for pins. Luckily they’re also one of the more popular designs in my shop so I get the chance to make them reasonably often