Calico Ro

A year and a bit ago a terrified ball of slightly worn out fluff ran into the garage bay, through the old show room and hid under my desk at work. Turns out, it was a 10 or so week old kitten, slightly scrawny and not doing so hot. We promptly adopted her – it had been sufficient mourning time since Sam, our Siamese, had gone on – and named her Ro after the Star Trek character.

She still has what we call feline PTSD. Noises and rapid motions terrify her and she’s slow to warm up. She looks for nooks and crannies to hide in. She did plump up and turn into a really beautiful calico with a nice little chirp. Sometimes she unwinds enough to do the regular cat stuff and chase strings, socks and laser pointers.

You really could not have picked a more different cat than the cheerful and outgoing Seven, the other cat in our household.

Good Habits, Not Perfect Ones

Developing good habits makes life run so much more smoothly. Bad habits – combined with random poor choices – makes everything much less easy. Doing good work makes life simpler because you don’t need to fix it, repeat it, or apologize for it nearly as often. On the other end of the scale is the striving for perfect habits or perfect work.

Sometimes we do a really good – nearly perfect – job at something but my experience has been more that aiming for that perfect keeps us from being happy with the pretty darn good. Or keeps us from starting in the first place, knowing we won’t hit that “perfect”. Hello, procrastination.

In my late 20s I started trying to do good more than perfect. Good and done gets you much further than perfect and not done. Good habits, tweaked and refined, get you so much further than not bothering at all. Screwing up is to be expected but if you get the fixing and being embarrassed over quickly, you can get back into the the doing good.

I have a few innocuous good habits that make my life simpler. One of those is tiny: I load the coffee maker the night before. Another is less tiny: I meal plan the week, each week. For work, I batch shipping, production, material prepping wherever I can. When there’s an order for an item that isn’t made yet, I always make extra. I ship in the mornings instead of as orders come in.

There are quite a lot of good work habits I’m trying to adopt: keeping to my production schedule more rigorously. Keeping up the social media for my various projects. I fail at them all of the time but I’m also trying again or changing it a little and trying it again.

“Perfect is the enemy of the good.” – Voltaire

This Is My Shop

Tooaquarius has been my craft show and online selling project for around 15 years. Just about 4 years ago I lucked into a physical space to sell my (and other’s!) work from. Three years ago, we moved into the building we’re in now and I officially moved the Tooaquarius studio out of my fairly great basement space to the very awesome space in the old industrial building we’re in now. Field and Fable is what I call my brick and mortar store and my clay studio is tucked into what used to be the parts room of a small engine shop.

It’s an ideal sort of space. There’s tons of storage, space for classes, plain cement floors and great windows in the show room. Because we own it, I can switch things around, put holes in the wall and paint whatever I feel like.