Week 6: Crafty Procrastination Beads

Procrastination Beads

I’m currently struggling with an order that requires a little thinking. Not much but just enough that I keep avoiding it. Sometimes, this means I do a dozen other semi-related projects on the way to the one. In this case… many, many beads including a few that are really far off my norm like the little soccer ball beads (right out of Yonat’s useful little tutorial).

The teal and brown flower discs were a tangent from yet ANOTHER avoided project. I told myself I would make petal canes to sell in my Etsy shop. I keep trying to make cute petal canes and not use them but er… I fail. This is one of the results. I’ll probably list some of the beads though! Or use them all, like last time.

The thinking part of the order is that I have to slightly alter my regular rose cane to make a more furled, cabbage rose like rose cane. The slices of lavender rose disc in the bead pile are my first try on this and I like it. The shading and shaping need a little playing with yet.

The Shop: Thinking Pink

I asked the ever helpful kid what kind of themes to use for shop promos and she said, well, use colours. Here we go, beginning with pink:

Why pink? Pink is one of my least favourite colours. In clay, especially, a lot of the reds are very pink-red when they’re anything but full blast. Not purple, or brown or warm yellow red or bluey but soft, sweet pink. It means I end up working a lot with a colour that was never my favourite. It’s been educational.You can find the pink things in the shop of course!

Week 5: Monarchs

The Beginning

I am not a fan of orange or yellow as colours. I can recognize their value in establishing a mood, a good food shade and in mixing to get other colours I DO like but as a rule… these are not my friends. The exception of course is the rather queasy mix of orange to yellow that I use in making monarch butterfly designs in clay. Then I can just bear it.

Monarch Wing Cane

I lucked out and got the kiddo to make blends for me on her semester break. That resulted in a whole pile of proto-monarch which turned into monarch wing canes and monarch beads and monarch butterfly canes.

The Resulting Clay

I’m pretty happy with how it all came together. I blew through a pile of clay with this because a few blocks of my translucent were tougher than I wanted to use. I don’t care what people say about caning needing firm clay – my opinion is firm to a point, past which is just pain on your hands.