The Black Cat Project

We adopted Seven to keep our new calico, Ro, company. She had great big bat ears and outsized puppy dog temperament. She grew into the ears but she’s still pretty much the puppy dog of cats: friendly, likes most everyone, fetches, does tricks. One of her favourite places is right in front of the heat register. Since the kitten picture she utterly destroyed the wood grate (and will feed cat toys into the chute).

Week 2: Challenge Accepted

I missed Week 1 of this year’s polymer clay challenge – and I’ll probably miss a bunch of other weeks – while I was away in Calgary but I’m hopping in to week 2 with a few of this week’s beads.

It’s a pretty random collection of beads because I’m trying to use up some of the bead canes in my boxes as well as fill orders. Still, it made an interesting bead pile.

If you’re a polymer clayer interested in a weekly challenge, Katie runs a good group for it on Facebook. You can find the information in her post here. And I suppose since this is beads on a Wednesday it qualifies as a Bead Table Wednesday post, too!

Feathers in Clay

Last year I got way more into making feather beads and canes so now the shop has a decent selection although I need to make more variety. You can see all of them in my shop here.

And don’t forget: 20% off all things until the end of the month with the coupon code HAPPYNEWYEAR18.