Week 34: The Autumn Harvest


Not that it’s autumn yet but it’s heading that way. The main season where I live is winter. There’s a brief nod towards spring, a happy dash with summer then somewhere between melting hot and deep freeze is the time of year when you pick your garden veggies and kick leaf piles. Which is what the canes are about this last few weeks of summer. Autumn leaves, harvest vegetables.


Plus, they make cute beads.


Not that I didn’t take advantage of the last days of full time help to get more dragon ornaments worked on. My studio help heads back to school in a few days so I’ll be back to doing most of my own production work again. She promises me she’ll keep on helping but I admit I’ll be sad to lose the all day company.

Week 32: Back to the Bead Mine


All the back to school stuff hit the shops here a few weeks ago but it just hit us, personally. This is my daughter’s final year of high school and I admit it’s a little sad to be poking through the bargain supplies for her (and me! time to resupply the office, too!). After our back to school shopping dash it was back to work. With the crazy heat wave here we’ve been tucked away in the bead mines making beads. That’s where the AC and the fans are you see.

Week 30: Skipping Along


Almost all the work being done at work right now has more to do with the building I work in. The last few weeks have been spent cleaning and painting which is pretty much a never ending task in a 50 year old building that got used for mechanical and industrial work. Layers of lighter coloured paint, removing random fixtures and streamlining the remaining ones means the studio and store front will eventually have an industrial chic but for now it’s a seemingly unending round of painting.

That said, I snuck a few more dragons in this week and they’re sweet. They’re more subtle and dragony than the last go round which was unintended. I’ll get the heads and wings back to the more caricature ones of last round but I did like the subtle colouring.

They met with good reception by the folks who came through the shop today and orders for them and their friends are beginning to trickle in.